Saturday, January 31, 2009

Putting my money where my mouth is

Today a friend of ours sidled up beside me at the counter of the local gathering spot. "Hey,do you know what our new national anthem is?"
"No, what."
"Movin On Up."
I met this with silence and I told him that I didn't much care for what passes for Obama "jokes" and I have made a personal pledge not to pretend to laugh at them just for politeness sake. "However," I said helpfully, "I will still laugh at Norweigan jokes."
"I want to know why people who get all pissed about Obama jokes don't get pissed about Norweigan jokes."
"I'm not pissed, but if you can tell me about any Norweigans who were forcibly taken from their homes and held as slaves for 300 years, lynched on a whim, and denied the right to vote until 1964, I won't laugh at those either."
Maybe some day I'll learn some tact.

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Diana said...

I'm so proud. :::wiping away a tear:::