Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Rabid Right

I just read a few posts from a couple of right-wing blogs and I was struck by the vituperation I found in them. You would think that with the evil that had been bestowed upon the world and the nation by Dubya, they would keep a little quiet, but they don't. There is not one scintilla of humility. Rush Windbag wannabees. The right wing likes to call names, I notice, and make mean, nasty, and hateful comments. Here's an imaginary conversation. Lefty: " Barack Obama won the election by a sizeable margin in the popular vote and the electorial college, he has vast good will throughout the country and the world, and I'm looking forward to seeing what the next 4 years will be like." Righty: "You fat bitch."

Translated for Sarah Palin fans:
Vituperation: Haarsh spoken or written abuse; abusive, often with ranting or railing; expression of bitter, deep-seated ill will.

Scintilla: shred; tiny, barely detectible amount.

Rush Windbag: Descriptive nickname for a drugged-out rage peddler who can't get it up. Synonyms: Rush Limpballs, Rush Oxycontinbaugh.

It has occurred to me that there are going to be more people on the mall in Washington DC to witness Barack Obama's inauguration on Tuesday than there are people in North Dakota and South Dakota.

I also read that they are going to have 5000 port-a-potties on the mall for "ticketed" participants. Am I to assume that the "unticketed" participants will have to hang their asses over the curb? Are there going to be toilet concierges to tell you which pottie to use? Will there be first, second, and third-class crappers? Will there be a velvet robe behind which you must stand before you go to your appropriate toidy? I think it would be great. "Now serving number 1. Now serving number 2. Now serving number 1. Now serving number 1. Now serving number 2." et cetera, et cetera. I'm sure that's a logistical nightmare, and I would prefer to stay home and watch the inauguration, and wait for my summons to the White House to invite me to receive the Medal of Freedom for my scintillating work in the blogosphere. (not to be confused with scintilla, SarahPalinFans).

With that I return to work. I'm working 60 hours a week now for two-thirds of the wages I made just a year ago, so you can see I have done so much better under the Bush League. Ta ta for now! It is 29 degrees above zero but the wind is blowing. Still beats the hell out of 40 below.

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