Saturday, January 24, 2009


This is most of my cat collection. I always have company while I'm at the computer. Unfortunately, another of their favorite places to relax is right across the keyboard. This is not conducive to productive work. I think they are too large for their bed, but they don't. Maybe because it is heated? I need to rearrange my desk so they can have an even bigger lounge area. I draw the line at a litter box. There's one missing who is very shy, but she looks just like the little white cat in the top picture. That's because she is his sister. I think it's great how those two on the left posed themselves. The ones on the bottom are way more casual.

These cats, except the tortoise shell with the yellow stripe on her nose, are rescue kittens from a group of ferals I take care of. I'm doing my best to get them all fixed, but it is a daunting and expensive process. The gray and white tabby was so sick with pneumonia that he couldn't outrun me, so home he came. I had him for 3 weeks before I was sure he had both of his eyes. He was a wreck, but he's doing much better now! The aforementioned tortie with the yellow stripe on her nose came from the animal shelter as a friend for the first kitty. I found the white kitten with the black ears after an early snow storm, and I brought him home so he could have a nice warm place to die, which my vet said he would indeed, in 15 or 20 years. He was nothing but skin and bones, literally. I could feel every vertebra. He is beautiful and affectionate and so loving and trusting. I watched the kitten with the intriguing black mask all summer, and when I had the opportunity, I trapped her. She was an older kitten and very suspicious, and disappeared for several days. After living on top of the gun cabinet in my office for 3 weeks, she decided to come down and be sociable, and she is the first one to come sit on my shoulder when I sit on the sofa. She talks too. She has the thickest, softest fur. The little yellow cat being used for a pillow was handed to me by someone who was astonished that he wouldn't eat meat or anything else. It could have been that he was so constipated he couldn't eat anything, and besides, he didn't have any teeth. He has turned into a very laid-back cat. You can pick him up and drape him over your arm like a stole, or he flops over and lays upside down in your arms and purrs like the dickens. Anyway, that is part of the cat herd. Now I'd better get to work, which I have been avoiding.

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