Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Oh my goodness, has it been that long?

I promised myself I was going to keep up with this thing a bit better in the new year and its time to get started. After all, I have missed making so many scintillating and witty comments about the presidential campaign and the election and election night that I can hardly bear to think of all the wonderful thoughts that I never got written down. In fact, I logged in with a perfectly wonderful thought in my mind, and I thought "you have got to start blogging again," logged in, and promptly forgot what it was I was going to write down that was so fabulous. Which leads me to believe it wasn't really so fabulous, because you don't forget fabulous things. You just don't. Witness "Fourscore and seven years ago, et cetera." OH YEAH now I remember. I was listening to CNN talk about Obama's train ride to Washington, where he is going to follow the steps Lincoln took on his way to the White House oh say, 148 years ago, and I was wondering if he was going to do it all to the letter and sneak into Washington in the dead of night wearing a big old cloak. See, it wasn't that fabulous at all. I am just so happy he's going to be president. His election renews my faith in humanity. I wish him and the Country well and I pray for both daily.

By the way, it is 26 degrees below zero with wind chill of minus 51. Just thought I'd throw that in for historical purposes. It is supposed to be minus 35 to minus 40 tonight, and then warm up toward the end of the week, and be above freezing on Monday, for the first time since right after Thanksgiving. This has been the longest cold snap I can remember, and I'm getting old enough to remember a lot of cold winters. I take care of a colony of feral cats living at an old lumber yard here in town, and I feel very sorry for them. I've made them shelters and they have food constantly and water daily, but man, 30 below is 30 below. Two cats have migraded south from the neighbor's 1 block north of here, and have taken up residence in the dog house, which has a heated floor and a little kitty sleeping bag. Really, it came in its own little stuff bag. Every morning I reach in under the covering over the door and pull out their food dish and slap a couple of cans of Friskies' on it, and slide it back under and close the flap. I see little cat tracks heading for the bird bath (open water) and peeholes in the snow, and the cat food disappears, so I know they are alive, but they stay snuggled in pretty good. They are beautiful cats, huge orange cats with long hair and sweet faces. I would have loved to have adopted them and brought them in the house, but they spray everything outside, and I doubt they'd have any compunctions about doing the same in here. So out they stay. They're both fixed and so they don't waste a lot of energy running and fighting, which is to their benefit. Right now I am sharing my office desk with 3 half-grown kittens who are curled up on a little bed they've had since they were little kittens. And that's only half of the ones who live here - I like to tell people I have 4 cats and am fostering 2 more, but the truth of the matter is that I have 6 cats. They're all fixed or will be shortly and have had their shots, so I am not The Cat Lady yet. Yet.



Diana said...

Don't be silly. To have a Cat Lady designation, you have to be wearing boots, a house coat, and be an old maiden lady. Nah. You're just nuts. BTW, Twilight won't go in his shelter...yet. We're due to hit zero in the next couple of days.

cutbank said...

That is indeed a relief to know my only problem is insanity. Whew!

Try putting some sardines in the cat shelter. The really stinky ones in oil. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I think I'll go get some nowwww.