Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Measuring up to the Republicans

Senator John Thune (R) South Dakota, declared that if 1 trillion dollars the money in the stimulus package was piled up in 100-dollar bills it would be 689 miles high. Or around the earth at the equator 39 times. Now I just saw him on Utube and he had charts and did a whole thing about this on the floor of the senate. And your point is, Mr. Thune? Is this a jobs-creation bill, vis a vis stacking bills around the equator? HOw do you keep them from floating away in the ocean? Does that count the surface of the water or did you include to the natural geography of the ocean as well? Was this part of a 5th grade project? I just heard another repub doing the same thing. The country is falling apart, people are losing their homes in record numbers, business are shutting their doors daily, and this is what we get?

I guess the gun lobby got exactly what they paid for, and the people of South Dakota
got someone who can multiply.

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