Saturday, March 7, 2009


I know Runch Limpballs was looking straight into a full-length mirror when he thought this one up.

I've had it with the talking heads (sans their brains mostly) who are talking about "the failed Obama presidency" and counting down the fabled 100 days as if everything is going to be fixed at the end of 100 days. They have to stop it already.

I had to get a new keyboard and the one I purchased sucks. I'm used to a split keyboard and this is called a "wave" keyboard and the letters are much to close together. Oh well. Try, try again.


Diana said...

And can you believe the sheer arrogance of Limpballs (I LOVE IT) daring a sitting President of the United States to debate a pissant radio bigmouth? Sure, Obama has nothing better to do! And Raunch "doesn't want to be considered the leader of the Republican party." Uh-huh.

cutbank said...

I think the Rahm Emmanuel and Paul Begala and James Carville are talking him up just to get him more exposure, like tipping over a rock and watching what slithers out. Once you expose a slug to the heat of the day that's pretty much the end of them. Raunch Limpballs. I think we have something here.