Saturday, March 14, 2009


Yes, I realize I am shouting!

As an avid quilter and an irreverent sort, I spend some of the time I am supposed to be working, as in right now, at the blog of the editor (Mark Lipinski) of my favorite quilt magazine (Quilter's Home"). Recently Quilter's Home published some art quilts that would not generally be seen at our local quilt festival, and JoAnn Fabrics refused to carry the issue. Anyway read the article referenced above. A professional has put together a better synopsis of the magazine, the article, and the "controversy" than ever I could. Mark Lipinski's magazine reminds me of why I miss my gay friends from college so much. Its basic message to me is that it is good for me to be me not only as a quilter, but as a human bean. Anyway, back to work!

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