Friday, May 30, 2008

Michelle Malkin and the Ay-Rab Headscarf

Michelle, Michelle, Michelle, you have finally reached the tipping point beyond which you no longer have even the SLIGHTEST remnant of credibility. God is Great! Michelle has decided that Rachel Ray's fringed scarf worn around her neck in a Dunkin Donuts commercial indicates support of Palestinian terror groups. This is such a relief, because up until now, Michelle has maintained a sick sort of credibility, but this puts her firmly in the Mann Coulter Right Wing Nut Job Hall of Fame.

Michelle is a self-hating Oriental woman who wastes absolutely no time making excuses for the excesses of White America. She made a spirited defense of the United States' decision to intern Japanese Americans in prision camps during World War II. She is a Bush cheerleader despite the obvious lies and deception and prevarication that emanate from the black hole that is the Bush 43 administration.

I feel it it necessary to express my dismay that the people at Dunkin Donuts (Donuts are Great!) felt it necessary to cave in to the psychotic rantings of a self-loathing, obviously crazy blogger by pulling the ads with the hideously offensive Rachel Ray in her scarf. Good GOD! She is adorable, what is wrong with them? What a gutless and toadying bunch. Now if she had been wearing Sarah Jessica Parker's green head-thingy that she wore in London at the premier of that movie, Michelle would have had my blessing. I'm sure that was terrorist-inspired.

Oh, anybody know where I can get one of those scarves?

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