Thursday, May 22, 2008

I Am SO Sick of Wind

Political and atmospheric! The wind has been 25-30 MPH on and off for the last month. Pioneers used to kill themselves in despair because of the wind here on the north prairie, and I can see why. That on top of the drought is very demoralizing. The only good thing is that the temperatures have remained moderate to even a little cool, or it would be far dryer than it is. As it stands, there are ranchers who are contemplating selling their cattle in a matter of weeks because they are out of hay; the pastures just have not grown. People have stopped seeding. We are headed to 1929; I can feel it.

Politically, oh Lord. The spit is hitting the fan with the votes in Florida and Michigan. Please recall that the democratic national committee in all of its wisdom decided to punish the voters of these states because they chose to have their primaries early (ohhhh, naughty states). Now there are lawsuits being filed to force the DNC to count these votes. I don't know how a committee can chose to disinfranchise the voters of entire states; it seems as unamerican as superdelegates and the frickin electoral college. What ever happened to one man, one vote? They were going to have a revote, but Senator Obama decided to put the ix-nay on that. I wonder why. I guess its because he's scared she'd win. He's a politician after all and wants to win at all costs. Just because he gets up there and spouts change doesn't mean he isn't just like all the others. You have to have a huge ego and supreme self-confidence to run for president, so his "I'm just like you" stuff is just a little precious. He is NOT like me. I was NOT the president of the Harvard Review. Don't get me wrong, I am inspired by his language, his speeches are pure poetry. But its like meringue, tastes good and all, but its basically air. I don't know if inspiration can take the place of solid plans. I guess we will know in November.

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