Friday, May 16, 2008

Another of the Old Ones Takes His Leave

We got word yesterday that our cousin Jens Tennefos has passed away, one of the last of the Greatest Generation, or probably slight post Greatest Generation, but a Good Generation, nonetheless. I didn't know him well, but he always remembered me and asked fondly after my folks. He had more charm than almost anyone I know. He was in the state legislature for many years, and I, as a member of a labor group for state employees, went to lobby the legislature on a regular basis. Cousin Jens would ask me to sit on the floor of the Senate with him, asked about Mom and Dad and all the brothers and sisters, and anyone else he could think of to avoid discussing the dismal, subsistance wages paid to a great many state employees. I did remind him once that I had voted him when he ran for his first term to the legislature, and his lack of sympathy for my cause pretty much made certain that I would never cast another republican ballot again (which I haven't). He just grinned his charming grin, gave me a hug, and told me to look him up next time I got to town, and I grinned back with great affection and not the least shred of animosity. Rest in peace Jens, and manga takk.

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