Sunday, May 24, 2009

On CNN’s “State of the Union,” Republican strategist Alex Castellanos said, “I think if Speaker Pelosi were still capable of human facial expression, we’d see she’d be embarrassed.”

Castellanos would never be embarrassed. He is master of deceptive, manipulative smear ads (look at his Wikipedia entry, with references) which are filled with half-truths and pander to fear and race hatred. Funny that a guy who comes from Havana and has a name like Castellanos would be a race baiter, but there it is. But I suspect he is one of the Hispanic brand who believes he is somehow above your basic Mexican. Castellanos does not believe in America, he believes in spinning and winning and making himself more money.

He wants politics based on appearance? Doesn't he look a little bit like the Frito Bandito? How about all those lazy greasers in the 40s movies who are on a quest for the never-ending siesta? Put a sombrero and a poncho on him and let him lead his little burro around. Put a gun in his hand and you have your basic menacing bandito.

Republican talking heads have long used personal attacks, smear and innuendo in place of reasoned debate. I believe the election in November was the beginning of a backlash against that policy. The republicans still haven't gotten the message.

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