Friday, September 19, 2008

The economy, the election, and the difference between voting for John McSame and having a future for the country

Its 46 days until the election. Wall Street has crashed. John McCain is still giving his stump speech, Obama has outlined a plan, yet McCain says Obama has no plan but to increase taxes, when he very clearly will not, at least not for 95% of Americans. How can he say these lies and then say he is for his country first? He is hell-bent on election, as they say, and damn the country.

Harvey Pitt, who used to be the head of the SEC, was on TV this morning saying that it is time to look forward instead of looking to place the blame. I beg to defer. Those who are responsible for nearly bringing down the global economy (and that is some achievement) should be held to the same standard as the poor bastard who gets caught with marijuana 3 times and winds up spending 20 years in jail. Accountability apparently depends upon the depth of your pockets.

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